Al Daouk Coding System

Abbreviations and Codes:

How does the system work?

The Al Daouk archiving system is coded by certain abbreviations and letters to organize the high volume of entries into concise sections. Al Daouk's coding is divided into three sections: the abbreviation, the subject and the relevant section. Take BAX2000-2-8 for example: BAX abbreviates Beirut Archive Index, 2000 is the year of the archive and -2 / -8 represent paragraphs 2 and 8 within the archive. Thy hyphen "-" simply means paragraph. In other cases there could be a slash "/" following the code, a slash indicates a section withing the page of a code. For example RL/codes : RL abbreviates Red Links while /codes means 'section of codes under Red Links'.

A list of useful codes

  1. BAX- Beirut Archive Index
  2. LAX - Lebanon Archive Index
  3. MLX- Mount Lebanon Archive Index
  4. RAS - References and Sources
  5. RL- Red Links