Definitions: Bey


Spelled bek or baik, a bey was a title for high status person among a tribe, city or a state throughout the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East.

Other related titles:

  1. Agha - was a title of honor with equal weighting to Bey
  2. Beylerbeyi - deriving from the same word as Bey, Beylerbeyi literally meant 'Lord of Lords'
  3. Emir - was a prince of a given land in Mount Lebanon, the Emir holds the absolute authority over his Emirate
  4. Hakem - is a synonym for ruler in Arabic and Turkish, which referred to a person who has absolute authority over an entity (Bank, City, State, Kingdom)
  5. Mutasarrif - was a special governor chosen by the Sultan to rule over special autonomous regions within the Ottoman Empire
  6. Pasha - was a high level Ottoman military title granted to the elite of the Ottoman army
  7. Sultan - referred to the absolute monarch of the Ottoman Empire, the title is still used by Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed al-Saeed of Oman
  8. Wali - was the Arabic equivalent of governor, the term was used throughout the Islamic Era until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire