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The rules conferred upon you, subject to using Archive Lebanon


a- Al Daouk Organization is a fully reserved entity, powering Archive Lebanon. Archive Lebanon owns all the material intellectual property within the website unless stated otherwise. Any material linked to foreign websites or sourced to its original publisher amount to the consent of Archive Lebanon not owning that material, with no copyright intention whatsoever. 

2 Using Archive Lebanon 

a- The user is entitled to browse all intellectual property and material within this website. This includes archives, articles, blogs, images from all publishers. Archive Lebanon provides full permission for users to download its content and to be used for personal purposes only. This does not include content linked to an external website. All cited material on the references page are subjected to their unique publishers' conditions. 

b- The user is not entitled to republish Archive Lebanon's intellectual property and material from this website under their name. This includes redistributing Archive Lebanon's material to external websites, books, television or any other means of reaching a wide range of audience. The user cannot duplicate, reproduce or propagate any material that is owned by external authors who are affiliates of Archive Lebanon.  The user is not entitled to use this website with means of causing fraud, defamation, harm or unlawful activity. 




3 Exceptions

a- The user may, subject to special conditions organised with info@aldaouk.org, use Archive Lebanon's material for purposes beyond what is set out on this website's terms and policies. 

4 Legitimacy

a- By using this website, the user consents to Archive Lebanon's terms and acknowledges that the policies set out in this website are legitimate by normal standards. If the user disapproves the legitimacy of the policies laid out under Archive Lebanon, it must not use this website whatsoever.

5  Internet Law

a- If the user is in breach of these terms and policies, Archive Lebanon may take legal action proportional to the breach committed, including the prohibition, blocking and confiscation of the user's IP address from accessing this website. 

b- These terms and conditions are established in accordance with internet law. This confers the majority of sovereign states sharing a common set of internet law. Any disobedience, disputes and malpractice relating to Archive Lebanon's terms and policies can be subject to legal proceedings.



5 net neutrality and 'zero rating'

a- Archive Lebanon strives to preserve net neutrality and therefore, our pages will sometimes take a while to load, as all our content is equally prioritised when being propagated and received as data packets and bits. 

6 differentiation and variation of terms

a- Archive Lebanon may modify its terms and policies over periods of time. Variate terms and policies will immediately take effect upon ratification, reviewing and amendment. This will subject the user's use of Archive Lebanon's website immediately for a certain time being, until a new variation emerges. For the user's safety and convenience, it is very advisable to review this page often to check on Archive Lebanon's short, concise and explicit policies. 

7 Your safety comes before ours

a- All these provisions are laid out to ensure the best experience for users on this website. Archive Lebanon does not intend any hardness, strictness or inconvenience among the audience. If any content is found to be offensive or harmful, please use the form on the Contact Us page to report the incident.


- Thank you for your support